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Welcome to Sex Swing Info

Welcome to Sex Swing Info

At Sex Swing Info we are here to provide you with the most complete information regarding any sex swing on the market. We provide resources such as reviews, instructions, tutorials, images and of course the best products and prices available. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you in anyway we can to make sure your purchase is the perfect fit your desires.

Abby Woods is our review team Head Madame. She leads our review team that consists of the best reviewers, testers and experts in the industry- with the single goal of helping you.

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Tend to your love life for eternal happiness

It is often said that sex is not everything…. And this is partly true. But I say partly. For any relationship, a great love life is essential to happiness. There are a lot of people that spend decades in sexless marriages and this is really sad. 2 to 3 times a week is not enough. Sex is not something that you need to schedule into your life. It is an exciting event that brings you and your partner closer together. Beyond making better marriages, there are countless studies that show how it can improve your physical health and help you live longer. Want more information? Check out our blog and learn more.

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  • Sex Swings in Concrete Ceilings

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    One of the most common questions I get is how to mount a sex swing in a concrete/cement ceiling. I had no idea that so many horny folks lived in industrial lofts. Then again, I would love to live in an industrial loft rather than my basic ranch construction home. So, my envy pours out and makes me find a solution for your needs.

    Well there are a few options that you can use if you are in a loft. Typically people living in building with concrete ceilings will also have high ceilings so I will include that information as well so you can get using your swing right away.

    Option 1: The easiest option is to just purchase a sex swing stand. The stand does take up space when set up and is a little expensive, but it is quick and easy to assemble and safe so you can not argue with that. The swing stand will also be around 6.5-7 feet tall and that will solve your ceiling height problems.

    Option 2: Anchors in your ceiling. It is possible to drill into concrete and install an anchor that can support your weight. This will require…

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  • Just something fun and funny

    We are passionate about swings, but sometimes we have to venture out and look at nature… and this is what one finds- at least when they have as crazy sexual minds as us around here!

    What nature does to the minds of sex lovers!!

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  • Buy a sex swing for your girlfriend

    I get a lot of emails from people trying to do swings on the cheap. They buy knock-off swings from shady companies to save buck. What ends up happening is the guy is all excited to break this bad boy in, and once the lady sits in it she is pissed and hurting.

    There is a science to a good sex swing, just like there is science to love. A good sex swing will cost you around $160-$200. It is really not a bad investment for a quality product that will be used for years. A good swing should have the following:

    A large sitting area. The ladies around here prefer a width of 4″ of webbing covered in padded fabric. This will give your lady support and comfort. the seat is the single biggest factor in comfort.

    Next, nearly all swings come without a headrest. This is also a huge comfort issue. Get the universal headrest that we sell on our website with ANY swing purchase. You will thank us! I can not tell you how many orders for a single headrest we get in a day. These are from people who just purchased a swing (maybe from another retailer) and…

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  • Being Honest about Sex Swings

    I have a video about the risks of not using springs. I was told that it is risky for me to be so honest about risk. Hum, well I guess that says a lot for how we have been accustom to lies from the business world. I understand I am the only one out there saying “if you don’t use your springs you risk getting hurt” or “if you don’t screw your eye-hook in the center of your joist and straight, you risk it ripping out”.

    So, why do I do this? Because these are easy things to avoid and people do not talk about it. Other companies are not talking about it and it is wrong. We should encourage our clients to use our swings correctly, not give a bunch of gimmicks to make a sale.

    Of course Ford doesn’t promote their cars can crash- but they would never say do not use their vehicles without a seat belt.  Your spring and your mounting points are your seat belts.

    When manufacturers suggest that their swings can hold more weight without a spring this is a marketing flaw and safety hazard.  It gives people a false sense of security when in reality…

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Own a Sex Swing


    1: Being Adventurous = We know you have a bit of hidden adventure in you, owning a sex swing is just the ticket to break it out.

    2: It IS Exercise = Don’t stop reading, it is not exercise like going to the gym, this is exercise like, say, having sex! Contractions of core muscles and thighs and pelvic floor all without you realizing it! Sex Swing is the exercise that brings you to bliss.

    3: Sexual Bounce = Because sex swings attach using a spring, you get a nice bounce going on- and who doesn’t like a bounce?

    4: Your Friends will Envy You = Let’s face it, everyone likes be the envy of their friends. Having a fun sex toy will give you lots to talk about during lunch dates with girlfriends.

    5: Great Price = Yes most swings and assessors will set you back about $200, but so will two good vibrators (trust me, I know). So, for the amount of fun and the fact that both partners can enjoy the swing it is a great price for some hot…

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  • Top 3 Sex Swings

    When buying a sex swing there is a lot to consider, the number one is comfort.  You do not want to spend money on poor quality or poor comfort.  Do not buy knock-offs (we don’t sell any knock-offs on, so no worries).  I got an email recently from a gentleman who purchased a swing on the cheap that was not comfortable for his wife. Now, he is wanting to buy a nicer one, but his wife is already turned off by swings.   I do not want this to happen- to anyone! Swings are fun and if you purchase the right one, very comfortable.

    Here is my top 3 picks for swings:
    #1 Screamer Dual Hook $169
    #2 Screamer Single Hook $189
    #3 Whip Smart by Pleasure $169

    There is a few reasons I pick these swings. The first is all 3 of them work with a carabiner clip system. See below: With this system you can remove any single strap and add attachments- like a headrest or a squatting attachment.

    The carabiner system also allows for the most positions because you can remove straps and use it like a doggie strap:

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