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Screamer Sex Swing – Single Hook

$229.00 $189.00

Are you ready to be amazed? Welcome to the world of Screamer Sex Swings! This is the single hook sex swing with fully adjustable features, including the hand grips and leg/feet stirrups!

You may also need…

    Screamer Squatting Attachment - $49.00
    Screamer Sex Swing Squatting Attachment

    Screamer Squatting Attachment




    To use, you simply disconnect the butt and back belts, attach the squatting springs and attache the stirrups to the squatting springs. Place the stirrups around your upper thighs and enjoy squatting!

    WARNING: The squatting attachment is only an aid and does not support body weight. When using it make sure the bottom of the stirrup straps are never more than 20 inches off the ground to prevent over extension of the springs.

    Screamer Swing Stand - $279.00
    dual hook sex swing stand
    Screamer Swing Standdual hook sex swing standSwing_076

    Screamer Swing Stand

    $299.00 $279.00



    For both Single and Dual hook sex swings!
    The stand features 3 hooks for mounting and a 33 inch width for mounting dual hooks. This stand also works very well for overhead bondage attachments.
    Swings are sold separately: HERE

    Made in the USA

    The Screamer Sex Swing Stand is so well made. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. No tools are required. The stand goes up in just minutes with a unique slide in system. It comes with rubber capped feet to protect the floor and give it extra stability when you are going crazy in it.

    The Screamer Sex Swing will work with any single or dual hook sex swing on the market. The total weight is under 50lbs and can be stored quickly away.

    The height goes up to 6′ 10″ and the footprint is 7′ 7″.

    You will love the outstanding quality of the Scream SEx Swing Stand.

    Comes in Screamer’s signature gray.

    Universal Head Rest - $19.99
    Screamer Universal Headresst
    Screamer Universal Headresst

    Universal Head Rest




    It has a fantastic range of adjustability and 2 ways to attach to the swing. First it comes with clips that can attach to metal hardware or to chain or it also comes with 2 webbing attachments for quick loops around the bar if that is more convenient for you.

    Make sure you add this to your cart today and get even more pure pleasure.
    Universal Sex Swing Headrest includes:

    Padded 4 inch headrest with adjustable webbing on each side along with 2 clips. Comes with a 2 webbing hoops allowing for attachment to any swing on the market.

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Product Description

NOTE: Springs and Chains INCLUDE

The Screamer Sex Swing single hook mounting point is great can bring your sex life to a whole new level. While it does not have the same weight limit as the dual hook system (single hook is 350lbs, Screamer Sex Swing Dual hook is 450 lbs), it can be easily used with only one hook installation.

You can also add the Screamer Sex Squatting Attachment to this order for another adventure in sex fun.
Screamer Sex Swings come with an ultra comfortable 4 inch webbing and padding seat and back strap. That is wider than any other sex swing on the market.

strong>Screamer Single Hook Sex Swing

Made in the USA

Your package includes:
1 Spring
1 Chain
4 Carabiners
1 Quick link
1 Set of hand grips
1 Set of stirrups
1 Back belt
1 Seat belt

Your swing is easy to assemble. You must instal a ceiling eye hook or use a free-standing sex swing stand. A ceiling eye hook can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store.

Swing Data

Swing Width:
Strap Width:
Pad Width:
Spring Type:
Weight Limit:

Customer Reviews

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Screamer Sex Swing - Single Hook

Screamer sex swing single hook

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Awesome investment. Comfortable and strong wide straps with cusion for some pleasurable love making. Wife and I enjoy this swing tremendously. Surprisingly fast shipping and arrival. Couldn't be happier. The pillow strap for head support is something I would recommend to get with this swing.

Screamer Sex Swing - Single Hook

One of the best sex toys in our collection!

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First of all, Id like to start out by saying the customer service at was absolutely the best. I was always curious about buying a sex swing since there are so many different brands and models out there, and as anyone familiar with sex toys know, the quality can easily range from excellent to exceptionally poor. I came across a few reviews from Abby Woods on YouTube and emailed her with a few questions and concerns. She was absolutely amazing to deal with, and she had no qualms about telling me her honest opinions and gave me some very good feedback on what to look for. Afterwards, I dealt with Scott Alexander who couldn't be more helpful with putting my order together and dealing the transaction. I would highly recommend this company just for the service alone. Fantastic. The shipping was extremely quick. I was prepared to wait around 4-6 weeks for delivery (Since I live in Canada, I was expecting 6-8 weeks to be honest), however the shipment arrived 7 business days after the date of purchase. It was fantastic being able to surprise my girlfriend when she came home that night. Now, for the swing...AMAZING! I purchased the Single Hook Swing, the Screamer Sex Stand, and a Head Rest (highly recommend the headrest). I knew the stand would be large, but it was quite a bit bigger than I thought, thankfully I have more than enough room to set it up. I live in a concrete building and am not allowed to drill into the ceiling, so the stand was an absolute must (Plus, it can be used with handcuffs for the adventurous, or with a hammock chair for those too lazy to take down) When my girlfriend first saw the set up, she was a bit overwhelmed, but after going through a few dry runs, she was comfortable enough to give it a go...and she absolutely LOVED it. Without going into too much detail, we had a lot of fun (and laughs) attempting new positions using the straps, and getting use to the versatility of what the swing is capable of. The ease of being able to push, pull and maneuver her at will (and with such ease), added a lot of fun, entertainment and ecstasy to the night Admittedly, I was a bit worried that after purchasing and setting up the swing, that it may just not work for us or be something we would reuse, but now I cannot recommend this product enough. I have already shown it to a few of my more open minded friends, and have convinced a few that they need to purchase a swing for their own homes. The only thing I would note, is that the SPRING itself can be quite loud, so I'm working on a way to quiet that part down a bit. Fantastic service Fantastic Produce I absolute recommend Thanks again, Abby and Scott. You two are amazing!

Screamer Sex Swing - Single Hook

Why aren't these in every bedroom?!

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I was just looking for something new and fun, but damn! These are just amazing! My wife said she felt guilty at how comfortable it was for her. I told her not to worry, because it was waay easier for me, as well. With someone suspended, you can move them around easy, your neck isn't bent, you don't use as much energy, so everything is easier. With the suspension it's like an ergonomic workbench! I call it quasi-weightless 3D. Like underwater or aerial sex. Fantastic! Being on the receiving side isn't bad, either... I went with a swing as they looked sexier than a sling, and it seemed like more positions would he available (we are a fairly fit couple.) And there sure are a lot of positions and angles we are coming up with we couldn't hit without one. I will probably be getting a double hook soon so we can both be suspended together. The only thing to mention with the single hook is that the crossbar is just to separate the straps, it is not for strength. As a light guy (150 lbs,) even I bent it pulling myself up to get out. It wasn't hard to bend back, but keep it in mind that the chain is the strength. To get up grab the straps or the sides of the bar.