How to Make a Sex Swing


Building a sex swing can be a great alternative to buying one. Granted you need to have a sewing machine and really watch your weight limits, they can still be a fantastic project or even a starter to see if a sex swing is really something for you. The Swing we make for you in the above video is about $37 to make and should hold about 200 pounds. We never tested it any higher then that. Use at your own risk.

Sex Swing Shopping List

Required materials for your homemade sex swing.

2 inch HEAVY weight polypropylene webbing – 32 feet total.
Cut to pieces
– 3 at 6 feet
– 1 at 4 feet
– 1 at 3.5 feet
– 2 at 3 feet
Melt the ends of all with a match

TOTAL about $9

4 2 inch ladder sliders

Total about $2.50

Thread – heavy weight upholstery thread from Walmart – if you get the light weight stuff you will fall on your ass.

Hardware or Home Improvement store items.

1 1/2 inch threaded rod – $3
4 1/2 nuts – $1
4 1/2 fender washers – make sure they are the biggest you can find that with the smallest hole to fit on the rod – $1
2 snap hooks – $3 – Watch the weight limits
1 spring – $10 – watch the weight limits
1/2 ceiling hook – $2
duct tape – $3.5
chain (option depending on ceiling height) $1.5 per foot.

TOTAL – about $37

Make sure the nuts and washers are extra tight to prevent the holes in the webbing from expanding and tearing.

Remember to watch the weights on parts – this swing we made will probably hold somewhere around 200 pounds with no problem. may hold a lot more but use your brain and use at your own risk.

…Or you can just buy a sex swing

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