Sex Swings in Concrete Ceilings

One of the most common questions I get is how to mount a sex swing in a concrete/cement ceiling. I had no idea that so many horny folks lived in industrial lofts. Then again, I would love to live in an industrial loft rather than my basic ranch construction home. So, my envy pours out and makes me find a solution for your needs.

Well there are a few options that you can use if you are in a loft. Typically people living in building with concrete ceilings will also have high ceilings so I will include that information as well so you can get using your swing right away.

Option 1: The easiest option is to just purchase a sex swing stand. The stand does take up space when set up and is a little expensive, but it is quick and easy to assemble and safe so you can not argue with that. The swing stand will also be around 6.5-7 feet tall and that will solve your ceiling height problems.

Option 2: Anchors in your ceiling. It is possible to drill into concrete and install an anchor that can support your weight. This will require some special tools and knowledge such as the structural integrity of the concrete you are mounting to. As demonstrated by this guide, you can easily see there are anchors that are strong enough to do the job, but you really should hire a contractor for this project and you should check with your HOA as well. Tell them you are hanging artwork or something. If you have high ceilings you may need to purchase extra chain at your local home improvement stores.

Option 3: Many buildings with concrete ceilings are industrial lofts, and thus have an industrial decor. We have a number of people that install the swings in their hallway. They mount the anchor bolts into the wall studs on opposite sides of the hallway and use a sex sling or dual hook swing. Then when they remove the swing, they use the big eye bolts to hang picture frames with a very industrial look. Nobody will suspect a thing.

Option 4: A great option is to use a swing such as the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing or the Whip Smart Sex Swing where you can remove the straps. Then use a bar in your doorway as shown in this video. The drawback here is the lower weight limit of around 200 pounds.

Option 5: Well if you are into this sort of thing…. You can always SHARE! Find your hottest friends and come to an arrangement where you will buy a swing if they agree to install it at their place. PARTY! Do not forget the beer!

If you have any other ideas that I could pass on, please let me know. I think I should move into a loft just to experiment. I think I have more hooks in my shop and in my house than anyone on the planet!

Plus Size Sex Swings

We get asked all the time about plus size sex swing, so I thought it was time to write something up and share all my current recommendation.

When you are looking for a swing, there are really 2 consideration: Safety and Comfort.

When it comes to safety, sex swings are pretty safe. Most of them are made with things like 2 inch webbing for their straps. 2 inch webbing will have a breaking point of somewhere around 1,000 to 1,200 pounds. So that should be plenty for just about anyone. They usually come supplied with a chain and some types of hooks at the top of the swing. Typically these have breaking points of around 600 to 800 pounds.

The real issues come in the spring and the actual mounting into the ceiling. Most of the swings come with springs that are only rated up to 200 pounds and then they recommend you use the swing without the spring. Everyone knows how I feel about that, and if not, you can read about it here. But springs can be upgraded and there are ways to work around that.

The real challenge is actually mounting the swing. When you screw into your ceiling, you are screwing into the ceiling joist. The strength of the hold in the joist is completely unpredictable. The weight limit for these holds can vary based on if you hit the very center of the joist or are slightly offset. The size of the hook you are using. Things change depending on how square your screw went it. The weight limits are affected by the type of wood you are screwing into since different woods have different hardness’s. Ceiling joist come in different thicknesses such as 8 inch, 6 inch, 4 inch and even 2 inch depending on the type of home, age and geographic location.

So for the ceiling mount, it is very difficult to predict how strong the mount will be short of hiring an engineer. So swing companies and this site always error on the side of caution and say you should assume a lower weight limit.

So for higher weights, there are a few recommendations. You can use a swing stand that has a known weight limit and you can control all the variables. You can use something like the ceiling mount from Screamer where you actually go in the attic and attach a plate to the ceiling joist.

We strongly recommend for all plus size installations to use a dual hook sex swing or a sling style swing. A sling style sex swing has 4 hooks and a dual hook as 2 hooks. What this does is spread the weight out. If you install a dual hook and make sure that both hooks go into a different ceiling joist, you essentially reduce the load on each hook and joist by 50%. This will greatly increase your safety.

The added benefit of these types of swings is they do not have a steel spreader bar overhead. This means if the ceiling mount does fail, there is no 8 pound bar to come down and hit you on the head. You will still fall to the floor, but you are not going to get clobbered by the bar.

When it comes to comfort for plus size swings, you need to look at the width of the swing and the width of the webbing to construct the swing.

Wider webbing will spread the weight more. If a swing uses narrow webbing and a wide pad, it is not very effective since the padding just folds around the narrow webbing and you still have a narrow seat. This causes a lot of pressure on the back of your legs and thighs like sitting on a rope. It is not very comfortable. Wide webbing is better. For standard swings, the range is from the Pleasure swing at 1 ¾ inch webbing up to 4 inches on the Screamer Swings.

In addition to the width of the webbing, the other measurement that matters for plus size swing users is the width of the swing. Most swings are attached to spreader bar where the straps hang down from. If this bar is narrower, the swing is narrower. This puts pressure on your hips when you sit in the swing. It kind of squeezes you and can really hurt in some swings if you have hips.

Spreader bars also vary in width from the Pleasure Swing at 14 inches to the Screamer Single Hook Swing at 22 inches. But even 22 inches is pretty narrow if you are plus size or just have big hips. So at this point we again recommend a dual hook swing or a sling style swing.

With a dual hook and a sling, there is no fixed width. You can set them much wider. Ceiling joist are often 24 inches apart, so I set the hooks 24 inches apart. In some cases, the joists are 16 inches apart so you can set the hook 32 inches apart by skipping a joist in the middle.

By having a swing 24 inches wide, you are going to greatly reduce the pressure on your hips and increase your comfort.

So from a safety stand point and a comfort stand point we have come to the conclusion that a dual hook swing or a sling are best for plus size users.

Now to determine between these 2 is really about personal preference. In my opinion, slings are the most comfortable of the 2 by far, but a sling will be limited in the number of positions you can do. Slings are best for having the girl on her back. A dual hook swing will have all the creative positions available of any other sex swing.

No matter what swing you choose, you may also want to consider adding on a head support of some type. There are head supports that can attach to just about every swing and that will increase your comfort.

Let us know what swings work best for you.

Awesome Door Swing Project for Apartments

So I just wanted to share this awesome idea I had for creating a door swing for apartments or other rentals where there is no way to screw a hook into the ceiling. In the past the only options you would have had was to go without a swing, use a swing stand that costs you about $300 or to use a door swing which makes you lose some positions options.

So to get around this all, go to Wal-mart and purchase a chin up bar for about $30 and convert it to work with a Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing and it will support up to about 250 pounds and work exactly like a ceiling mounted swing. This is one of the coolest things you can do to make your swing apartment friendly. Here is a short video on how I did it.

Is 1 or 2 Hook Swing Better?

1-hook-or-2-hooks-300x200I have been asked a number of times on which type of sex swing to use… a 1 or 2 hook swing?

Well the like all important questions, the answer is it depends.

One type of swing is not better then the other, but they both have their advantages. Personally, I would recommend using a 2 hook swing whenever possible. There are a number of key advantages that the 2 hook swing has over the 1 hook version.

When you are using a 1 hook swing, there is usually a spreader bar that is used to set the width of a sex swing. On most swings this is about 20 inches wide. This width is fine for a lot of people, but for some people, especially those with wider or bonier hips, this may be very narrow. When you sit in this swing, it will squeeze your hips and put pressure making it a little less comfortable.

When you are using the 2 hook type of swing, you can set the hooks at the width that you prefer. This could be much wider like 30 or 36 inches. This will make the swing much more comfortable for a lot of people.

Another advantage of the 2 hook sex swings is the weight limit. By having 2 hooks rather then 1, you basically double the weight limit on your sex swing. Additionally, if you were to mount the swing incorrectly and it were to fail, the hooks would pull from the ceiling and you would fall, but you would not have the large metal spreader bar falling on you. The hooks are much smaller and would be off to the side of you and most likely fall harmlessly to the floor rather then hitting you directly with a 4 pound spreader bar.

So from a safety point of view, 2 hook swings are stronger and safer than their 1 hook versions.

One more significant difference is price. The 2 hook sex swings can be lower cost than the 1 hook versions because there is less hardware. While there are 2 chains and 2 hooks, there is no overhead spreader bar. So the cost can be significantly different.

But it is not 100% easy choice. 1 hook swings do have a few advantages. One major advantage is that there is only 1 hook. This means that you only need to screw 1 hook into your ceiling rather then 2. This is very important to some people and should be considered. Another advantage of the 1 hook swing is that it can be made into a spinning swing. You can not do this with a 2 hook swing. For me this is not that exciting of a feature, but for some people it is. Lastly, depending on the position you use your swing in, the spreader bar can make a good handle and is easy to hang onto. The spreader bars are only in swings that have 1 hook and not in those that have 2.

So both types of swings have advantages. In general for comfort, safety, and price, I would recommend a 2 hook swing whenever possible, but either may be good for your situation.

Sex Swing or Sex Sling?

I have been doing this for a while, but there is one thing that I have not been able to nail down and that is what exactly is the difference between a sex swing and a sex sling.

Seems pretty simple right? NOT! It really comes down to who you ask and where you read. The truth is that there are a lot of different definitions of both.

Take Wikipedia for example. They use the words sex swing and sex sling completely interchangeable. It even says in the first line of the sex swing page…

“A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of ….”

Then throughout the article they use mostly the term sex sling to describe all sex swings.

Then looking at other sites that sell slings and swings, there seems to be a little bit of a pattern. Sex swings tend to have straps to sit on and slings tend to have a solid panel to lay on. So that would go something like this…


Strict Leather Premium Sex SwingSex Sling doggie style sex swing trinitySex Swing


But this does not line up with what they are called in Wikipedia. Wikipedia would call both of these both slings and swings (since the terms there are interchangeable) but call them different variations called “hammock style” and “sit style”. Wikipedia is really the only place I have seen these terms.


Strict Leather Premium Sex SwingSex Sling (some stores)
“Hammock Style” Sling/Swing (Wikipedia)
doggie style sex swing trinitySex Swing (some stores)
“Sit Style” Sling/Swing (Wikipedia)


But then I read the product descriptions by SportSheets. They have yet another completely different take on it. They do not have a sex swing. But they have two completely unrelated products that are both sex slings. The first is a door way strap that everyone else calls a sex swing. Then they have a strap that goes around feet or legs and behind a girls neck. It is not even a suspended device but rather then for use on the bed. They also call this a sex sling.

So in the end, we now have something like this….


Strict Leather Premium Sex SwingSex Sling (some stores)
“Hammock Style” Sling/Swing (Wikipedia)
doggie style sex swing trinitySex Swing (some stores)
“Sit Style” Sling/Swing (Wikipedia)
Sex Sling (SportSheets)
Sex Sling?Sex Sling (SportSheets)


I am not really sure what to call a sex swing or what to call a sex sling at this point. Maybe we need to form some type of international standards committee to discuss this further.

So for the purposes of this site I make it simple….


Sex Sling


Sex Swing


Sex Sling?

Hope this makes sense… Thanks for reading.

5 Best Places Ways to Install your Sex Swing

Where to hide the hook for your sex swing is always one of the first questions people ask when considering purchasing for a sex swing. There’s a lot of articles written on how to install to put your hook, such as our own sex swing installation guide. This post is not supposed to be a complete article of hook installation, but a basic guide to assist you in finding the best option for installation location.

First, there are 2 major choices for setting up your swing. It is possible to screw the mounting hook into your ceiling and try to conceal the hook to make it less obvious while you’re not making use of the swing, or get yourself a free-standing sex swing stand.

The sex swing stands are really a popular choice when you are in a rental property or when are not allowed screw into your ceiling, however they are not really peoples favorite option. Swing stands tend to be quite pricey as well as cumbersome within your room. They take up a lot of space. They’ve got setup and tear down time each time you would like to use your swing. Installing the swing hook in your ceiling provides for easier swing usage but it’s also very permanent.

If installing the hook in the ceiling, then everybody wants to find out how to hide the hook. Nobody wants the kids going to your house and seeing the hook and asking questions. There are a number of very good strategies to hide the hook when not in use.

A smoke detector may work as a perfect hook cover. Simply gut an old smoke detector and place it covering the swing hook. Some adjustments on the smoke detector casing may be required for example cutting a wider whole in the bottom of the housing, but this is a uncomplicated approach to conceal the hook. As a side note, many newer smoke alarms in which you load the batteries on the side do not have detachable covers and could not be well suited for this style of installation.

Door Jam installation is a very easy choice if you can work it in your room layout. In this option you’ll install the hook in your closet door frame where it will be hidden behind the doors when shut. The problem with this method is that you must have a big closet or at least a lot of room to be able to utilize the swing within the closet. More information on Door Jam Installation.

The light fixture is an ideal spot to disguise your hook if you prefer it close to the center of your bedroom or over your bed. To get this done you will need to install light fixture with a large base. Take off the glass light cover and mount the hook within the light bulb compartment. To disguise the hook when not making use of the swing, just position the light cover back in place. When doing work near lights, ensure you do not screw into wiring or break light bulbs. Talk to an expert for assistance. More information on Light Fixture Installation.

The last and most straightforward way for hiding your hook is by using your hook for hanging baskets, plants or other hanging objects. This is usually a really easy option, however, if installing a hook, you may not want to set it up too close to the walls because you will not have room to use your swing. If the hook is too far from the wall, it will look unusual to have a hanging pot in the middle of your bedroom.

Each option for installing your swing has its own disadvantages and benefits. Evaluate the options very carefully and enjoy your swing.