Sex Swing Positions

People ask me all the time about positions. Here is a quick slide show to show you a few of the positions you can do in your sex swing. This is by no means the exhaustive list, but it is enough to get you started.

These positions will work in pretty much any of the sex swings on our site, but some sex swings do not have handles, but you can purchase universal sex swing handles. Also, in these images, when less straps are being used, they are removed. This is something you can only do in the Whip Smart and Screamer Sex Swings. If you can not remove your straps, no worries, it still works but the extra straps may just be a little in the way.

If you have a favorite positions that we did not include in this list, feel free to send us an email and we will work on including it in our next update.

Sex Swing Basic Standing Position

Sex Swing Standing PositionThs most basic of sex swing positions. This standing position simple has the girl sitting in the swing with her feet in the stirups and her legs out with the man standing between them. This is the most basic position and recommended for starting out with your swing.