Screamer Sex Swing Stand Review

I have been asked a lot lately for a demo of the Screamer Sex Swing Stand so that people can get a good clear view of how it look, how small it stores and so on. So I have created this quick video.

When you store this stand, there are 4 knobs. There are  10 pieces that are 4 feet long but lay flat. The only piece that does not lay flat is the top cross bar. It is about 8 inches tall, so that is the largest peice you will need to store.

This stand also works with both single hook and dual hook swings and a weight limit of 350#. It will not work for a sex sling that has 4 mounting points. The footprint on the floor is 7′ X 7’6″.

Sex Swing Stands : How to Choose

There are a lot of options when it comes to sex swing stands. Picking the right one can save you a lot of frustration. I get asked all the time so I have created a YouTube video with my thoughts on a couple of them, plus below I am including a simple comparison.

Now the first thing is, if you are getting a sex sling with 4 mounting points, there is really only one option and it is a good one. The sling stand from Dick’n Jane

If you are going with a dual hook swing, you also only have one option and that is the Screamer Swing Stand which is also a great stand

Now for the vast majority of swings, there are a few options. If you are going with any swing that has a single mounting point (a single hook swing)

The options here can be basically broken down to two choices. The Trinity/Fetish and the Screamer/Dick’n Jane.

The Trinity and the Fetish are very much alike. They are the most popular stands on the market. The down side to these stands is the small screws and the sloppy fitting joints. The plus side is their long history and their packaging.

The Screamer and the Dick’n Jane are also very much alike. Their down sides are the lack of fancy packaging and they are relatively new comers to the market. The positives are the easy assembly and the extra few inches of height. This will make a difference for tall people.

In any case, it is important to use your spring with any sex swing as any stand will eventually break from fatigue even with a 100 pound girl on it.

For a comparison on the specs, we have a simple swing stand comparison chart

Fetish Bondage Swing (White)

I recently had a chance to pull out the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Sex Swing and create a short little video about a few of the features. The swing is a lot like the Trinity Vibes swing of the Fetish Fantasy Swing, but it has the addition of 4 cuffs with chains and clips. On the swing there are 6 mounting rings that you can clip the cuffs to for a range of new positions and options. There are some images on the product page, but the cuffs can be worn by either person using the swing. There are no rules. There is no complete position guide for this sex swing. Get adventurous, have fun, and see what you can come up with.

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

dual hook sex swing stand  We were able to review and test the Screamer Sex Swing Stand- IMPRESSED!! This stand is simple to put together and take down. By simple we are talking 5 minutes- at the most. It only has 4 screws with large knobs that screw in the cross bard on both sides (2 each side). That is it, everything else has a perfect slide fit system.

The color is a fantastic gray that is Screamer’s signature color. The best part, the Screamer Sex Swing Stand comes with 3 hooks at the top- designed for all single hooks on the market and for the screamer dual hook systems.

It is made in the USA and actually we were able to visit the factory where they are manufactured- DOUBLE PLUS!! We got to actually SEE the quality that goes into these stands. These are not cheaply made at all.

If you are looking for the best sex swing stand on the market, the Screamer Sex Swing Stand is the perfect choice.


Sex Swing Viewing Mirror

I am a visual person. I really like to see what is going on. As a girl however, that is not always possible. You can just not a good view. Well the coolest invention ever may be the sex swing viewing mirror. This convex mirror attaches to your swing stand and allows you a wide angle view of all the action. This is one of the most popular selling add ons you can get for your swing and it is not hard to see why.

The down side of this mirror is that it only attaches to the Dick’n Jane Swing Stand, Dick’n Jane Sling Stand and the Screamer Swing Stand. If you have a Trinity or Fetish stand this option will not work for you.

The mirror can be snapped onto any point on the stands and then the angle can be adjusted to your liking to give you the best experience you have ever had in a swing.

Sex Sling by Strict Leather Review

Strict Leather Bondage GearRecently I have really began to appreciate leather in sex. The problem is, in the Sex Swing industry, there are only few on the market. I have seen some really nicely made ones and some not so nice ones. This is a review on Strict Leather’s Sex Sling.

I am guessing over time the leather will loosen and give a bit more, but it is really stiff. I actually questioned if it was real leather. But, doing a bit of research, I found that it is in fact leather and cow leather at that. The reason it is so stiff is because it is latigo leather. This type of leather is treated with Alum- think, pickles. It is what makes pickles crunchy. This type of leather is what saddles are made of and other whips paddles.

This thickness is for strength in your sex sling. However, the drawback is that it is not the most flexible. The Strict Leather sling could have been planned a lot better. I kinda feel like it was something that was slapped together: “hey lets make a sling” – and actually not tested for comfort.

The bottom straps are not sewing in the right direction. They twist, and no matter how you hang the sling, it will twist. The issue that this causes is where it twist is where your hips rest and this twisting causing pinching.

Strict Leather Premium Sex Swing

The second issue is the bottom of the sling body- where your bum would rest – the corners are not rounded and are very sharp. I actually find this the most obvious sign that this sling was not “tested” because they rounded other corners, just not the one you actually SIT on- huh?

The body has 2 layers that could have been riveted better. There is gaps in places because the poor design.

The pillow was comfortable although I felt like I was in a “giving birth” position when having sex in it. But, it was comfortable. The pillow actually is removable in a nifty way from the back of the sling. I give this feature an A+. The pillow is also made with a different kind of leather, a very soft leather.

Strict Leather Sex Sling does NOT come with chain. This is important. We do sell chain on our website. It also comes with no mounting system. So you will need to pick what kind of mounting system you would like.

I do not think this is a bad sling and at around $400 retail, it is mid-range in price and lower end in price for a true leather sling. I do think there are things that Strict Leather could do to improve this sex sling, but if you don’t mind a little bit of pinching around your bum and hips then this is a great entry level leather sex sling that will go great in your fetish or bondage play.